NYT Number Play: Wolves and Sheep

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Inspired by NYT Blog Column "Numberplay"


Posted almost 6 years ago

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breed [ wolves wolf ]
breed [ sheep a-sheep ]

to startup
  ask patches [ set pcolor grey + random-float 5 ]
  set-default-shape wolves "wolf"
  set-default-shape sheep "sheep"

to go
  create-wolves 5 [ oops_go_somewhere_new. ]
  create-sheep 3 [ oops_go_somewhere_new. ]
  while [ any? sheep with [ omg_danger_zone! ] ] [ ] ; plug 'til solved

to-report omg_danger_zone! ;; sheep procedure
    ask one-of ( list self STALKING_WOLVES ) [ ; be a bit smart and move offending animals
    report true ]
  report false

to-report STALKING_WOLVES ;; sheep procedure
  report wolves with [ xcor = [ xcor ] of myself 
                     or ycor = [ ycor ] of myself 
                     or abs( [ xcor ] of myself - xcor ) = abs ( [ ycor ] of myself - ycor ) ]

to oops_go_somewhere_new.
  move-to one-of patches with [ not any? other turtles-here ]

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