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globals [

  ;;NOTE: SAVED INPUT, so if user changes parameters after pressing setup, model characteristics will not change thus running model will still be correct

  ;; model characteristics
  stations                 ;; patches that are designated stations

  ;; business characteristics
  closing-at               ;; tick count at which no more customers should arrive
  hourly-pay               ;; employee hourly rate
  dynamic?                 ;; true if stations can dynamically open & close
  dynamic-check-range      ;; evaluate whether to open/close stations every X hours (increments in half hour units)
  short-line-length        ;; close a station (if possible) if a station's line is shorter than this number @half hour marks
  long-line-length         ;; open a new station (if possible) if a station's line is longer than this number @half hour marks

  ;; customer characteristics
  distraction-level        ;; decreases a customer's sense of wait-time by % of distraction provided
  impatience?              ;; allows unsatisfied customers to balk if average wait of store is large or renege when perceived wait while in line too large
  ideal-wait               ;; time (in min) believed to be best waiting time at this particular grocery store
  avg-arrival-count        ;; average number of customers arriving per tick
  arrival-schedule         ;; schedule of customer arrival with average as avg-arrival-count: uniform, oscillating


  ;; running totals
  all-total-wait           ;; running total of all wait time of all customers since store opening

  total-customers          ;; running total of all arrivals
  total-checkout-customers ;; running total of all customers who successfully checked out
  total-balk-customers     ;; running total of all customers who arrived but left because avg. wait time too long
  total-renege-customers ;; running total of all customers who waited but left because his/her wait time too long in line

  general-total-wait       ;; running total of all wait time of customers serviced at a general checkout station since store opening
  general-total-customers  ;; running total of all customers serviced at a general checkout station since store opening

  express-total-wait       ;; running total of all wait time of customers serviced at an express checkout station since store opening
  express-total-customers  ;; running total of all customers serviced at an express checkout station since store opening

  self-total-wait          ;; running total of all wait time of customers serviced at a self-checkout station since store opening
  self-total-customers     ;; running total of all customers serviced at a self-checkout station since store opening

  ;; report to user statistics
  average-wait             ;; tracks average total time waited of a customer now "checking-out" and leaving
  general-average-wait     ;; average-wait but for general stations
  express-average-wait     ;; average-wait but for express stations
  self-average-wait        ;; average-wait but for self stations

  current-cost             ;; tracks cost of operation depending on how many and what types of checkout stations are open
  total-general            ;; current cost of general stations
  total-express            ;; current cost of express stations
  total-self               ;; current cost of self checkout stations

breed [customers customer]

patches-own [
  max-items                 ;; depending on type of station, how many max
  scan-rate                 ;; how many items per tick stations scans

  line-length               ;; keeps track of line length; 0 if no one is in line
  interested-customers      ;; keeps track of count of customers who have selected this line (location = here , state "found-line" or "in-line")

  total-items-scanned       ;; keeps track of number of items scanned
  total-customers-helped    ;; keeps track how many customers serviced

  last-number-served        ;; keeps track ensures next customer being served has larger wait-number
  about-to-close?           ;; if true, inefficient so will close as soon as customers in line serviced, no new customers accepted

  #-renege-customers        ;; keeps track how many customers left line because wait too long

customers-own [
  state                     ;; no-line, found-line, in-line, checking-out
  grocery-items             ;; number items needed to be checked out
  wait-number               ;; indicates place in line
  wait-time                 ;; counts how long has been "in-line"
  perceived-wait-time       ;; how long the customer perceives he/she is in line dependent on distractions
  location                  ;; checkout station the customer has selected

;;; setup procedures

to setup

;; go procedure

to go

  if ticks > closing-at and count customers = 0 ;;end simulation after all customers leave and it is past closing time

  if ticks > 0 and ticks mod dynamic-check-range = 0 and dynamic? [adjust-open-stations] ;;access layout and make changes every evaluation period

  if impatience? [balk-customers]




  if impatience? [renege-customers]


  if dynamic? [close-stations]

  if ticks < closing-at [arrive-customers] ;;keep doors open to customers for indicated period





;;; setup helper procedure
;;; set up global variables. this includes using user inputs to initialize store characteristics

to set-store-characteristics

  set closing-at (closing-time * 60) ;convert hours to tick count (1 tick = 1 minute)
  set dynamic-check-range (evaluate-every-X-hours * 60)
  set distraction-level distracted-in-line
  set impatience? impatient-customers?
  set ideal-wait ideal-wait-time
  set hourly-pay employee-hourly-rate
  set dynamic? dynamic-layout?
  set short-line-length line-too-short
  set long-line-length line-too-long
  set arrival-schedule customer-arrival-schedule
  set avg-arrival-count avg-#-customers-arriving

;; patch procedure
;; set up checkout stations based on user parameters

to setup-stations

  ;; floor is white
  ask patches [set pcolor grey + 3 ]

  ;; create stations of each type
  let new-station 0 ;;not used for initial creation
  open-new-station blue general-stations new-station
  open-new-station green express-stations new-station
  open-new-station yellow self-stations new-station

;; patch procedure
;; open new-station-count amount of stations with pcolor checkout-type

to open-new-station [checkout-type new-station-count new-station-loc]

  ;; set up check out area on y axis = 6
  let station-space patches with [pycor = 14 and pxcor mod 2 = 0]
  set station-space station-space with [pcolor = grey + 3]

  let express-space station-space with [pxcor >= 16]
  let general-space station-space with [pxcor > -16 and pxcor < 16]
  let self-space station-space with [pxcor <= -16]

  if checkout-type = blue [set station-space n-of new-station-count general-space]
  if checkout-type = green [set station-space min-n-of new-station-count express-space [pxcor]]
  if checkout-type = yellow [set station-space max-n-of new-station-count self-space [pxcor]]

  ;;create num-to-open patches of checkout-type (pcolor indicating type)
  ask station-space
    [set pcolor checkout-type
      if-else pcolor = green
        [set max-items 15] ;;express types have grocery-item count restriction of <= 15 items
        [set max-items 1000]
      if-else pcolor = yellow
        [set scan-rate 10] ;;self-checkout types have slower scan-rates
        [set scan-rate 15]
      set line-length 0
      set interested-customers 0
      set total-items-scanned 0
      set total-customers-helped 0
      set last-number-served 0
      set #-renege-customers 0
      set about-to-close? false
      set new-station-loc self]

  set stations patches with [pcolor != grey + 3]

;;customer procedure
;; queueing theory: balking - just arrived customer chooses not to join queue because wait time is too long

to balk-customers
  ask customers with [state = "no-line"]
    ;; leave if model's wait time is 20% higher than ideal wait
    if impatience? and average-wait > (1.20 * ideal-wait)
      [set total-balk-customers total-balk-customers + 1

;;customer procedure
;; queueing theory: reneging - leaving queue without being serviced because wait is too long

to renege-customers

  ask customers with [state = "in-line"]
    ;; leave if customer's preceived wait time is 20% higher than ideal wait
    if perceived-wait-time > (1.20 * ideal-wait)
      [ask location
        [;set line-length line-length - 1
          set interested-customers interested-customers - 1
          set #-renege-customers #-renege-customers + 1
          ask customers with [state = "in-line" and location = self] [set wait-number wait-number - 1]
      set total-renege-customers total-renege-customers + 1

  ask stations with [#-renege-customers > 0]
    let reg #-renege-customers
    ask customers with [location = myself and state = "in-line"] [if reg >= 2 [move-to patch-ahead (reg - 2)]]
    set #-renege-customers 0

;; patch procedure
;; at every user indicated dynamic-range-check increment in time, if dynamic-layout? is switched on:
;; evaluate line-length per station (note: stations open cannot exceed max allowed for store: 5 - express, self; 15 - general)
;; if line-length <= close-if-line-shorter-than: mark station to be closed,
;;        customers "found-line" heading to this underwhelmed station will have to pick new station
;;        current customers "in-line" will still be serviced
;; if line-length >= open-if-line-longer-than: open new station of same type,
;;        customers "found-line" heading to this overwhelmed station will be redirected to new station

to adjust-open-stations
  ask patches with [pcolor = green or pcolor = blue or pcolor = yellow]
    let given-color pcolor
    let my-type-of-stations stations with [pcolor = given-color]

    if count my-type-of-stations with [about-to-close? = false] > 1  ;;range for any given checkout type is to have between 1-15 stations open at any time

      if line-length <= short-line-length  ;; line too short and at least one type of this station open
        [set about-to-close? true
         ask patch pxcor (pycor + 1) [set pcolor red]]

    let current-line line-length
    let max-amount 5  ;; max amount of express or self checkout stations is 5
    if pcolor = blue [set max-amount 15] ;; max amount of general stations is 15
    if count my-type-of-stations < max-amount

        if line-length >= long-line-length ;; line too long and still room for more stations so open a station like this
          [let new-station self
            open-new-station pcolor 1 new-station
            ask customers with [location = myself and state = "found-line"] ;;relocate customers who chose this line but havent arrived yet to redirect to new open station
              [set location new-station
                ask new-station [set about-to-close? false set interested-customers interested-customers + 1]
                ask location [set interested-customers interested-customers - 1]
                face location]

      set stations patches with [pcolor != grey + 3]

;; patch procedure
;; if dynamic-layout? switched on and marked to close ASAP,
;; actually close when all customers who were already in line serviced

to close-stations
  ask stations with [about-to-close? = true and count customers-here = 0 and interested-customers = 0]
    [set pcolor grey + 3
      ask patch pxcor (pycor + 1) [set pcolor grey + 3]
      set stations patches with [pcolor != grey + 3]]

;; customer procedure
;; if you have no more grocery items while checking out, leave the store,
;; decrease the station's line-length, increase the station's customers helped count,
;; and decrease the wait-number of everyone who was in your checkout line

to leave-customers
  ask customers with [state = "checking-out"]
  [if grocery-items <= 0
    [let num wait-number
      ask location
        [set line-length line-length - 1
          set interested-customers interested-customers - 1
          set total-customers-helped total-customers-helped + 1]

;; customer procedure
;; if checking-out, decrease your grocery-items by the scan-rate of the station
;; and increase the total-items-scanned count of the station by the number of items scanned
;; if in-line, increase your wait time, if you are the smallest wait-number in your patch,
;; move up and set state to checking-out

to check-out-customers

  ask customers with [state = "checking-out"]
    let scan 0
    let num wait-number
    let just-arrived false
    ask patch-here
       [set scan scan-rate
        if last-number-served != num
            [set just-arrived true
             set last-number-served num]

    if just-arrived = false ;; every station has 1 minute of transaction overall
      if grocery-items < scan [set scan grocery-items]
      set grocery-items grocery-items - scan
      ask patch-here
      [set total-items-scanned total-items-scanned + scan]

;; customer procedure
;; if station is in front of you, ask the station to increase its line-length, assign
;; yourself a customer of the day number as your wait-number, and set your state to in-line
;; if station is not in front of you, keep moving forward toward your selected station

to move-forward

    ask customers with [state = "in-line"]
    set wait-time wait-time + 1
    set perceived-wait-time perceived-wait-time + (1 - (distraction-level / 100))

    if-else patch-here = location

    [set state "checking-out"
        set label-color red
        set color white]

    [let customers-ahead 1000
    ask patch-ahead 1
       [set customers-ahead count customers-here]

    if customers-ahead = 0 and wait-number = min [wait-number] of customers-here

    [ if patch-here != location
      [move-to patch-ahead  1
      let temp 0
      ask patch-ahead 1 [ask customers-here with [state = "in-line" or state = "checking-out"] with-max [wait-number] [set temp wait-number]]
      if temp > wait-number and patch-here != location [move-to patch-ahead 1]]

      if patch-here = location
      [set state "checking-out"
        set label-color red
        set color white]]
     ;; ask patch-here [if last-number-served >= [wait-number] of myself [type "ERROR: queueing out of order at station: " type pxcor type " " type last-number-served type " > " print [wait-number] of myself]]]


  ask customers with [state = "found-line"]
    let w 1000
    let new-x pxcor
    let new-y pycor

    if-else patch-ahead 1 = location

    [ask location
      [set line-length line-length + 1
        set new-x pxcor
        set new-y pycor - line-length
       ; if count customers-here with [state = "checking-out"] > 0 [set new-y new-y + 1]
        set w total-customers-helped + line-length]
    set state "in-line"
    set color grey
    set wait-number w
    set heading 0

    if-else new-y > -18
    [move-to patch new-x new-y]  ;; move to end of line
    [move-to patch new-x -18];; end of line would be off screen, so group together at the last patch


    [fd 1]

;; customers procedure
;; for customers with no-line state, pick the shortest lines closet to you and set
;; state to found-line

to find-line
  ask customers with [state = "no-line"]

    let my-items grocery-items
    let options 0
    if-else random 101  <= 33
    [set location stations with [max-items >= my-items and about-to-close? = false] with-min [interested-customers]
      let selection min-one-of location [distance myself]
      set location selection
      ask location [set interested-customers interested-customers + 1]
    [set location  stations with [max-items >= my-items and about-to-close? = false and pcolor != yellow] with-min [interested-customers]
      let selection min-one-of location [distance myself]
      set location selection
      ask location [set interested-customers interested-customers + 1]

    set state "found-line"
    face location

;; customers procedure
;; create customers based on arrival-schedule preference set;
;; uniform creates X amount of customers at every tick (x user input value
;; max store capacity set at 500

to arrive-customers

  let num-arriving 0
  let customer-count floor(avg-arrival-count)

  if-else customer-count <= 0
    [user-message "Error: Number of customers arriving must be greather than zero."]

  [if arrival-schedule = "uniform"  ;; arrive user input # of customers per tick
    [set num-arriving customer-count]

  if arrival-schedule = "oscillating"  ;; arrive variable customers with max of user input #
    [set customer-count customer-count * 2
      set num-arriving ticks mod (customer-count * 2) + 1
      if num-arriving > customer-count ;; past max magnitude of oscillation needs to count backwards
        [set num-arriving -1 * (num-arriving - (customer-count * 2))]

  if arrival-schedule = "poisson"  ;; arrive with poisson distribution of user input # average
      [set num-arriving random-poisson customer-count]


  create-customers num-arriving
    setxy random 28 - 14 18         ;; enter at the top of screen in the middle
    set shape "person"
    set state "no-line"             ;; no decision on any line at first
    set grocery-items 1 + random 99 ;; random amount of items 1 - 100
    set wait-number 1000            ;; default head to very back
    set wait-time 0                 ;; start off with no wait time
    set perceived-wait-time 0       ;; start off with no perceived wait time
    set size 1
    ;set label grocery-items
    set label-color white


  set total-customers (total-customers + num-arriving)

;;customer procedure
;; customers go across the violet color spectrum with deeper violets indicating longer
;; perceived-wait-times as compared to the ideal wait

to color-customers
  ask customers with [state = "in-line"]
     [set color scale-color violet perceived-wait-time (1.20 * ideal-wait) 0]

;; calculates current-cost, per checkout cost,
;; overall average wait, per checkout type average wait

to update-graphs

  let general-count count stations with [pcolor = blue]
  let express-count count stations with [pcolor = green]
  let self-count count stations with [pcolor = yellow]

  let temp-g general-count * 2 * (hourly-pay / 60)  ;; 2 employees for general station (scanner + bagger)
  let temp-e express-count * (hourly-pay / 60)      ;; 1  employee for express station (scanner)

  let temp-s 0
  if self-count > 0                                        ;; 1 employee oversees all self checkouts
    [set temp-s (hourly-pay / 60)]

  set total-general total-general + temp-g
  set total-express total-express + temp-e
  set total-self total-self + temp-s
  set current-cost current-cost + temp-g + temp-e + temp-s

  if total-checkout-customers > 0
    [set average-wait all-total-wait / total-checkout-customers]

  if general-total-customers > 0
    [set general-average-wait general-total-wait / general-total-customers]

  if express-total-customers > 0
    [set express-average-wait express-total-wait / express-total-customers]

  if self-total-customers > 0
    [set self-average-wait self-total-wait / self-total-customers]

;; after customers check out,
;; update global statistics across all checkout station types

to update-statistics

  set all-total-wait all-total-wait + wait-time
  set total-checkout-customers total-checkout-customers + 1

  let type-checkout ""

  ask patch-here
    [if pcolor = blue
      [set type-checkout "general"]
    if pcolor = green
      [set type-checkout "express"]
    if pcolor = yellow
      [set type-checkout "self"]]

  if type-checkout = "general"
    [set general-total-wait general-total-wait + wait-time
      set general-total-customers  general-total-customers + 1]

  if type-checkout = "express"
    [set express-total-wait express-total-wait + wait-time
      set express-total-customers  express-total-customers + 1]

  if type-checkout = "self"
    [set self-total-wait self-total-wait + wait-time
      set self-total-customers  self-total-customers + 1]

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