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turtles-own [attitude]

to setup
  resize-world -22 22 -22 22  ;; size of the world
  set-patch-size 10  ;; size of each patch
  crt num-of-people [
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor  ;; spatial distribution of agents
    set attitude type-of-attitude  ;; there are 6 types of attitudes and each agent only selects one of them randomly
    set shape "face neutral"       ;; there is no happy or sad agent in the initial conditions


to go

  ask turtles [

    let target one-of other turtles-here  ;; select somebody to talk with

    ifelse (target != nobody )

      ifelse (attitude = [attitude] of target) [ set shape "face happy" ask target [ set shape "face happy"] ] ;; if there is a target with simmilar attitude, become happy and ask him or her to become happy

    [ set shape "face sad" ask target [set shape "face sad"]  leave ] ;; if there is a target with dissimmilar attitude, become sad and ask him or her to become sad, then leave that place


    [ search-to-find-a-target ]  ;; if there is no target, search to find somebody to talk with



to-report type-of-attitude
  report one-of [
    1  ;; attitude 1
    2  ;; attitude 2
    3  ;; attitude 3
    4  ;; attitude 4
    5  ;; attitude 5
    6  ;; attitude 6

to leave
  fd 1

to search-to-find-a-target
  rt random 90
  lt random 90
  fd 1
  if not any? other turtles-here [search-to-find-a-target] ;; if there is no one; continue to find a targer

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