ABM Progress Report 1.2

May 20

Updates Since last report


I met with Donna Woods of the Center for Healthcare Studies and introduced her to my topic. I proposed the model for patient velocity that is described in my report for last week. She recommended I may want to look at a simpler model just because of how many inputs there are to model. I plan to send her my model proposal for feedback purposes.


In response to the meeting and feedback from last week, I decided to do more research into how one might model the ICU care process using ABM. I found a paper from the ARC Center for Complex Systems entitled "An Exploration into the Uses of

Agent-Based Modeling to Improve Quality of Health Care" which explores using a model to determine system breakdown using a model from Rassmussen et al. that looks at patient safety, economics, and workloads.

Some of the below links look at admit acuity measured by APACHE scores. APACHE scores take 12 initial metrics during patient intake and predict a mortality percentage based on the APACHE score.


I have started a base model using some code from Leykum et al. to setup up the ICU care setting. I plan to expand on this model using lessons from the research and meetings in the coming week.


Impact of patient volume on the mortality rate of adult intensive care unit patients.

http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/15/3/2.html : Use of an agent based model to understand clinical systems.

Descriptive analysis of critical care units in the United States: patient characteristics and intensive care unit utilization.

Mortality rate and length of stay of patients admitted to the intensive care unit in July